The importance of the Doudou

The importance of the Doudou


The Doudou is a transitional object which is used to reassure the baby when the parents are away. The Doudou acts as an extension of the Mom & Dad which in turn helps the child feel safe and secure when he/she holds it in their arms.

The Doudou has the power to remind him/her of their parents in their absence. It also aids with the struggle of separation anxiety where there is a transition themselves and the outside world.

This transitional object provides an essential function: defend against anxiety.

The Doudou consoles, comfort, and helps to recover in case of fatigue and sorrow.

The Doudou participates in the awakening of the senses and allows the child to transfer his feelings.

The Doudou alone is capable of reassuring him/her to dream and face the unknown : It also helps the child as they grow up.

His smell is very important because it reminds him/her of the good moments when they feel safe & secure.

Monsieur Chaussette’s tip: the Mom or the Dad must sleep one night with the Doudou before giving him to the child in order to leave their smell on Monsieur Chaussette, guaranteed success !


Foto by Romain Roch

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